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i’m addicted to thinking about self-improvement

I’m kind of a self-improvement junkie, but I totally suck at the actual improvement part. I’m totally obsessed with thinking about it, but I rarely implement anything. I just sit in my big comfy chair with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and ponder how I could get a hot body, eliminate my anxiety, declutter my belongings, and organize my house. What’s worse, I have spent hundreds of dollars on systems, programs, and online courses that I never finish. But I love thinking about how awesome they will be, but it’s hard to get started and get into the habit of doing them. Ever heard of Newton’s 1st Law of Motion?

The most important thing is to get started, to find that external force that will get you off the couch. I’m feeling kind of motivated lately, and I thought maybe instead of looking for a new program (there are so many that look amazing!!), I should use something that I’ve already got and see if I can actually make some progress. I’ve purchased a great many programs and systems, and below are the ones that I want to finish. (Note: these are NOT affiliate links, wha-wha-whaaaa???)

Lauren Gleisberg Summer Fitcation Challenge Kit 2017

  • Objective: hot body
  • Duration: 8 weeks, no expiration
  • History: Lauren’s regularly puts out affordable fitness challenges, and I’ve bought several over the years. Last year’s Summer Fitcation Challenge included both home and gym workouts including weights, isometric exercises, and cardio. I usually do her program for about a week then am totally burned out. – unlimited yoga classes

  • Objective: hot body, wellness
  • Duration: my membership is good until July
  • History: I paid for a year of unlimited yoga and please don’t ask me how often I do it. It’s shameful, really, since I could just go down to my basement and do a class any day.

Yoga for Inner Peace with Colleen Saidman Yee

  • Objective: wellness
  • Duration: 3 months, no expiration
  • History: I had the best of intentions with Yoga for Inner Peace, but for whatever reason I did two weeks then stopped.

Lisa Woodruff’s Organize 365 “100 Day Home Organization Program”

  • Objective: organization
  • Duration: 100 days, no expiration, offered 3x per year
  • History: I did the first week of the Organize365 100 Days program then stopped. Just to be clear, that’s like 5%. Even the daily email reminders weren’t enough to keep me focused.

The above programs are all ones that I think are amazing and I believe would have a significant positive impact on my life. It’s time for me to shift from reading about self-improvement to actually improving. I really want to do all of them. I want to do Lauren’s Summer Fitcation program because bathing suit season is coming. I feel like I have to do the because it’s going to expire in a couple of months. And Lisa’s organization program starts back up this coming Monday, so it’s a great time to get back into that as well. The one that I really don’t need to do right now is Yoga for Inner Peace.

So, dear reader, I am committing to myself, in front of you, that I will complete each of these programs throughout the next few months. Please hold me accountable! I am awful at following through on these things. Newton’s 1st Law of Motion also states that an object in motion should continue in the same direction at the same speed unless acted upon by an external force. For some reason, when I start one of these programs, there seem to be so many external forces intent on stopping me. It could be a sickness, or a trip, or a few too many busy nights when I can’t fit it in, and the next thing you know, I’ve forgotten all about it.

I am hoping this blog will provide enough accountability to counter those forces and keep me moving forward.